Home Made With D: Raspberry Scones

Today in “D’s Baking Diaries” lol

It’s funny how every time I opened our fridge, I would see this bowl of raspberries that are about to go bad. And I would keep telling myself AND my husband that I would use it and make scones.

Well, that day was today!

I finally got out of bed and felt motivated to do it.

Ingredients: All Purpose Flour (2 Cups), Raspberries, Egg (1 ea.), Vanilla Extract (1 1/2t), Buttermilk (1/2 Cup), Butter (1/2 Cup), Baking Powder (2 1/2t), Sugar (1/2 Cup) & Salt (1/2t)

Alrighty then… Let’s try this!

Step 1 — Simply just put all the dry ingredients (APF, Baking Powder, Salt & Sugar) in one bowl and whisk it ’til it feels like you’ve already whisked it well enough LOL

Step 2 — Use a box grater which in my case, I couldn’t find ours so I used a microplane to grate my butter to the flour mixture. Make sure your butter is chilled… CHILLED.

Fun Fact: Back at work, we use lard in place of butter.

Step 3 — Using your hands (I’d put some gloves on ‘coz this recipe is pretty sticky lol), mix the butter and flour mixture together until it feels like it’s evenly mixed and looks like little chunky crumbs. I also suggest that you start adding your berries after you mix here and then just give it another quick mix. Try not to smoosh your berries too much.

Oh man, it really is a lot harder to explain in words. I should probably just make a video next time lol

Step 4 — Mix together your buttermilk, egg and vanilla extract together and pour it over the mixture and mix it ’til they are all well combined. As you can see below, I did it a little differently. I built a well in the middle and dropped all the wet ingredients and then mixed it. The berries aren’t present here either because I added them after I mixed this but I do suggest adding the berries while you are on step 3. It would be a lot easier *wink*. But either way, it’ll come out the same. 🙂

Step 5 — Chill your dough for about 15 minutes… Or more. Feel it and make sure it’s soft enough to work with but chilled enough so it’s not so icky sticky.

Step 6 — Dust your working space with enough flour and roll your dough into a ball with your hands and flatten it out with about an inch in height and make a circle on your dusted surface. You can dust the surface of the dough and your hands with flour so it’s not so sticky.

Step 7 — Cut your dough like pizza. You should get 8 triangles.

Step 8 — In case I haven’t mentioned it. Pre heat your oven to 325F. It shouldn’t take long ‘coz you’ll probably have to chill your dough again to avoid it from spreading when you bake it. (Don’t be like ME. I kind of rushed this one a little bit ‘coz I was getting hungry lol) Lay it out on your baking sheet pan and leave it in the fridge or freezer for a couple more minutes while your oven is still getting hot.

Step 9 — Bake for about 20 minutes

Tip: Never set your timer straight at 20 minutes. Start with maybe 10 minutes and then check, then another 10 minutes and then check. You want golden brown edges and that’s when you’ll know it’s done 😉

Step 10 — Enjoy with your favorite cup of tea or a side of berry jam with your favorite person 🙂

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