Watch: Our First Mini Lobster Season in Florida

Where to begin…

I guess I’d like to start this by saying, we’ve been LOOKING FORWARD to this for months! Most especially Justin. I mean, he’s got a pretty big (Maine) lobster tattooed on his body. He’s all about this. He was so excited, he convinced me to drive down to the Keys right after work just so he could be on the water as soon as the sun goes up. But also because we were informed that it gets pretty crazy during these times and he wanted to make sure no one else is getting the lobsters in our area. *wink*

My in laws new house is right next to the water so hunting these Spiny Lobsters were made a little bit easier for us. Months before this mini lobster season, we would always see a ton of them down there. We didn’t really have to go anywhere else except for the time when we thought we’ve spooked them all already.

I could tell you now, we thought it was going to be easy to catch them. And by we, I meant just Justin. I refused to go down in the water mainly because we’ve seen things I just don’t want to be swimming around with. Although, I did get on a kayak to sort of be his look out. A nurse shark spooked him too at some point. LOL!


So each day you are allowed to catch six lobsters per person. He got his six and we tried to get six more for me. I believe we only got 2 more after reaching his max. We had a couple of big ones that got away but we definitely didn’t let this BIG crab get away.

Long story short — while we were out there (I was on a kayak), he saw and dove down for this crab and just threw it on the kayak. I wish I could’ve seen my face because apparently it was a good one. And to be honest, this crab tasted waaaay better than the lobsters. We looked it up and made sure we weren’t breaking any rules when it came to eating this crab.

We didn’t cook any lobsters ’til our second day because we wanted to try and eat some where in Key West for a change.

Keep calm it’s break time…

Wearing: Taylor Crochet Top (Manuela Co) Shades: Celtic Light (Blenders Eyewear)

And finally, our short video…

Just a few more things…

Lobster mini season is over. But worry not, the 8 month regular lobster season will begin on August 6th. That’s very soon! Don’t forget to purchase your Florida fishing license with the lobster combo. It is good for one year. I found it a lot easier by downloading their app on my phone. That way you also have easy access to your license.

Good luck and happy lobster hunt, Floridians!

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