J&D Eats: Little Pearl

Date Night…

So hubby and I went down to the Keys for the lobster mini season and on our first night, we decided to not eat any of the lobsters we caught but to drive down to Key West and find a good restaurant to try. Because who knows, maybe someday we’ll be moving down there. MAYBE.

Anyways! Being our usual selves, we did our research on that 20ish minute drive. We found a restaurant called Little Pearl but obviously didn’t manage to secure a reservation because it was a little too late for that. The only slot available for us was at 5pm which we thought was too early or a seat at their bar which was a no-no for us. It was our “date” night so we definitely wanted a table.

Hidden Little Gem…

Since we couldn’t get a reservation for us, our plan was just to walk around and explore until we were hungry. And we did. We walked, checked out our favorite chicken store, bought some caffeine, looked at some art and then somehow ended up in the street where Little Pearl is located. At that point, our bellies were starting to actually talk to us. Take note, it was only 5pm. It was almost like the universe was telling us to keep walking over there and check the place out. So like a curious cat, we did. And guess what? WE GOT A TABLE! Turned out we were gonna use that 5pm table after all.

We really love how it’s not where all the other biz are. As soon as we found the place, our first initial thought was, “Wow! It’s a hidden little gem“.

It also certainly reminded us of the restaurant we currently work at. It was like a mini version of Wild Sea Oyster Bar and Grille. We LOVE finding little restaurants like this. Our dream is to have our own someday. But we can keep dreaming. At least that one is free. LOL

First Course

Soup of the Day: Grouper Head — We told ourselves we weren’t going to get soup because it’s not “soup season” but as soon as our server told us about their soup of the day, Justin immediately ordered one. Too hot, huh? Can’t believe how much flavor you can get out of a grouper head. D approves!

Bangkok Octopus with mint, basil, cilantro and mung beans — Okay, this pus was cooked PERFECTLY. It was so tender and flavors were on point! Can’t decide if this was my favorite yet.

2nd Course

Seared U-10 Diver Scallops with roasted sweet corn puree, shiitake mushroom bacon, corn succotash, and chorizo oil — I super dig their shiitake mushroom bacon. I would totally love to snack on them. Ugh, this dish was so good! Scallops were excellent! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat all the scallops so I had them wrap it up for me in hopes of me eating them at home as a midnight snack. But they never even made it home because Justin secretly ate them on our way back to the car. I’m still wondering how he did it. LOL

Day Boat Fresh Amberjack Special with fermented black beans and bokchoy — My husband loves spicy food but we believe this dish was just a little too spicy for you to truly enjoy. I’m not a big fan of spicy food, I can do mild so when he thinks it’s too spicy, I believe him. I tried a small piece of the bokchoy and I felt smoke coming out of my nose. Just kidding. But it was the kind of spice that builds up slowly and then lingers in your mouth. He still managed to finish this dish but with sweat constantly dripping out of his head. I wish I took a photo!

Third Course

Dow’s 20 year old tawny Port

Moscato and Ginger Poached Pear with Vanilla gelato, Walnuts and Salted Caramel — Ahhh, always leave room for dessert! It’s funny how we always say we’re full but still order dessert in the end. What’s even funnier is when you leave no trace of it after. WE BOTH LOVED THIS DESSERT. J & D approves!

We Highly Recommend…

If you guys are planning a trip to Key West, make sure to give Little Pearl a try! We highly suggest to make a reservation a few days before your desired date. We noticed that they get really busy and fill up quick. The place is small so walking in without a reservation is not a good idea. Don’t be like us. We just got lucky. They literally only have 4 seats in their bar, that’s how small this place is. So first thing you have to do is make a reservation. Though they don’t sell liquor, they have a pretty good selection of wine bottles, a few sake and some beer. It’s not really a big deal for someone like me because I’m not much of a drinker but just a heads up.

Although one dish was a tad too spicy for us, that won’t stop us from giving this restaurant a 5 out of 5 stars!

Looking forward to coming back and try out more dishes!

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