I want these POP TARTS for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Guava Filled Pop Tarts

Cream Cheese Frosting | Coconut Streusel | Fresh Berries

Served on a White Chocolate Silver Wrapper

A Little Story…

So a little birdie told me a short story behind these delicious pop tarts.

There was a chef named Justin, who thought about maybe putting pop tarts on the brunch menu. Three hours later, another chef named Sabrina worked her magic and came up with this

This pop tart is like no other! It was sooooo good I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Probably as a midnight snack too. In fact, I created a petition at work to have these go on the menu. LOL! That’s how good it was.

I am now crossing my fingers and toes that it gets approved.

Wish us luck!

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Made in the Philippines | Currently living in the Sunshine State | Cat Mom | Married to a Chef | Pastry Enthusiast

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