Catch of the Day: Mackerel

For the past couple of days, it’s been raining like crazy in Fort Lauderdale. But that doesn’t stop my husband from doing what he loves to do on his day off. He was actually pretty surprised that he convinced me to come…

In one condition:

He needs to buys me snack. I can never go fishing without anything to munch on!

He got so hooked on fishing ever since we moved to Florida. Almost to the point that if he could just go fish everyday, he would.

I have to admit, he’s gotten so much better and learned so many techniques from all the other people he meets when he go fishing. I can’t keep up.

I am just his fishing assistant who likes to take photos and eat. LOL

In this photo, a big fish took half of his bait. He likes to fish with live bait. I guess you catch better and bigger fishes with them. He’s been catching and releasing a lot of tarpon lately. According to him, they put up a really good fight which makes them really fun to catch. He’s also been getting a couple of barracudas and today, he got mackerel! YUM! Unfortunately, I missed that part ‘coz he had to bring me to work. But guess what? He went back to the beach and fished some more.

5 hours later… This is what I came home to. He asked me what we should do and the first thing that went through my head was, I LOVE ME SOME SUSHI. We LOOOOVE saba nigiri. So we decided to cure it.

Click the button above if you want to know how we cured our fish.

And always remember…

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