#ThrowbackThursday: The earth is round!

So technically, I did not jump off a plane. I was rather, “dragged” out? LOL!

Five years ago…

I was a J1 (a work-and-study based exchange visitor) at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I met my husband by the way. And every year they would have an off season where you can just travel and do whatever you want for like two months. Ugh, I really miss that part. But anyways! I ended up going to California to see some friends. And to cut this long story short, I thought about Sky diving, did some research, slept on it, then booked it.

I remember not mentioning it to my parents AT ALL. Otherwise, they would’ve talked me out of it right away and probably get mad at me too. So it had to be a, “Mom, guess what?!” kind of thing. And their response?

Don’t do it again

Don’t worry, Mom. I don’t think I will be doing it again. I think once was enough… Or is it? Now that I am thinking about it, I remember wanting to do it again when it was all over! That adrenaline rush… It was AWESOME.

When you think about sky diving, you get all these feelings like excitement and then at the same time you are also very nervous. In fact, you might already be peeing your pants as soon as you get on that little aircraft. But let me tell you this, the hardest part about sky diving is when it is your time to go. Which is why I said I was “dragged” out lol. I can’t describe how hard it was to get ready to jump out of that plane. I don’t think you can ever be ready! Luckily, jumping out is not on your little list of things to do. All I really had to do was sit back, “relax” and enjoy the ride. Oh, did I mention it was a tandem skydive? So yes, you actually get to do this terrifying thing with a professional. My guy’s name was Carson. He didn’t drag me out as I keep saying above but it really did take me a while to say I was ready… I never said it. We agreed to count down but I think he forgot how to count from one to ten. Next thing I know, I am off the plane!

Goggles off

I therefore conclude that the earth is not flat

Freaking out ‘coz I am now in “control”

I really do laugh too much

I guess this was my look when I realized we were descending

Special thanks to Carson Klein for this amazing, unforgettable experience!

You can learn more and book your spot at GoJump America

A little tip goes a long way…

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