Cake for the chocoholics!

By Chef Sabrina Courtemanche

Riverside Hotel

One on one with the Cake Master…

WHAT. A. FUN. NIGHT. I got to decorate a chocoholic cake with my chef for one of our line cooks at work, who was also celebrating his birthday the next day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AHMED! I’ve always been so fascinated with this one and I finally got the chance to do it! Yes!

Can we do this everyday?!

We also happen to have “paparazzi” that night… If you could guess who? So I am about to share a bunch of photos. Teehee!

Scroll down for more!

We were obviously enjoying this way too much

Trying to find a spot for this little snicker

That face you make when you finally find a spot for little snicker

This gal is just sooo talented.

Oh my god, Dawn. You are still holding that little snicker!

Here’s that “I just ate the little snicker” look.

Just kidding.


I hope that wasn’t too much, but I hope you guys still enjoyed this a little bit.

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