Fort Lauderdale Bloggers Meet Up

06.06.19 – Okay, I’ve been meaning to post about this day.

So last Thursday, not knowing what to expect and for someone who is actually socially awkward, I was surprisingly able to drag myself out of our apartment and attend a social gathering after a couple of debates with myself. Usually on my days off I like to just stay home and catch up on cleaning and laundry. Unless I get a day off with my husband. I also want to thank hubby for convincing me to go because I was able to meet a bunch of really interesting people. AND, I really had fun!

This event was hosted by Xtreme Action Park. As soon as I walked in, there was a host waiting by the entrance that brought me to the right place. YUP. Where the food and drinks were. LOL. Just kidding. But yes.

I met a couple of first-time attendees as well like Lorena (Left). She blogs about fashion and lifestyle. And I met Diana (Right) too, who says she’s always present every month lol. I got to meet everyone else by playing this little game called “networking bingo” where I met another filipino. How cool is that?! Hi, Antonika!

Now this is the random telephone booth where everyone was having their photo taken. I obviously joined the club.

… and the brick wall.

I really can’t believe how much fun I had. We got to tour the entire place and even if I had already been to Xtreme Action Park before, there were just so much more to see that I completely missed. They’ve also just added more fun activities like their virtual reality games that I got to try, laser tag (which is opening REAL soon. Like REAL, REAL SOON.), and their self designed escape rooms. I am so excited to go back with my husband! Fast forward to Monday, please?

Anyhoo! Not to bore you guys any longer, I totally suggest bringing your friends and family to Xtreme Action Park for some good time. *wink*

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