My cats are happier with this

May 31st – This time last year, I was on a mission to find our new best friend. I visited Humane Society of Broward County and there I found the cutest little kitty who I instantly fell in love with. She was this tiny, playful and clingy cat that I knew right away that I had to take her home.

So I did… and surprised the hubby a little bit. Oops!

Gamora, you have no idea how much love and joy you have already given us. If only we spoke cat. Which we literally try to do sometimes. I know, you probably think you have weird parents which is why you are such a weirdo sometimes. But we love you so, so much for that! You are like no other. If only you could read. LOL

We now have two cats and they are both amazing! Both named after the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora and Nebula. We try to give the best to our little paw friends so we can return the love and they can live longer and happier with us.

Today, a small box came knocking on our door.

Here they are inspecting this little package
Box in perfect condition
No damages or whatsoever.
It comes with its own silicon mat too.
Very easy to set up and really quiet.
It won’t freak your cats out. I promise.
Gamora loves it already!
Mmmm. Water never tasted this good!
– Nebbie

We have been thinking about getting our kitties a water fountain for some time now and finally, I convinced myself to buy one. Giving them access to a clean flowing water will help them drink more and keep them healthier. It can store a lot of water and this came with three filters already. Sweet, right? If you think your cats aren’t drinking enough water, try introducing this water fountain to them.

If you’d like to know more and purchase this product, you can click this link. I HIGHLY recommend this one. My cats are already drinking more water!

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