Revamped Beet Salad

Tonight was all about this beet salad. Chef J decided to plate his beet dish differently for a party and it looked pretty damn good. I mean, it does right? Not only does it look good, it’s pretty damn tasty too.

If you guys are ever in the area (Fort Lauderdale, FL), come say hi and dine with us at Wild Sea Oyster Bar and Grille.

I am also sharing more photos from tonight ‘coz I had fun taking them. I really worked hard tonight, ok? LOL

🎶 we got the beet, we got the beet 🎶
Y so SRS?
Nice photobomb, Chris lol
You really don’t wanna work with this guy lol jk
And here’s proof that I was really working hard tonight. Lol thanks, Matt.


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