Come one, come all!

The Carnival
By Chef Sabrina Courtemanche
Riverside Hotel

Have I mentioned that I work with two really talented pastry chefs?

Hi Sabrina! Hi Annabelle!

I am soooo lucky to have these girls teach and guide me as I learn everything about pastry. Still got a long way to go and there’s always something new in this “sweet” world. Everything I know now, I owe it to them. It’s only been a year (and a couple of months) and I have learned so much already. You girls continue to inspire me.

...we’re killing it!

AND here’s a fun fact. Can you believe I had zero experience working in pastry when I got the job? Thanks for believing/hiring me. I hope I’m alright. LOL!

I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t let your zero experience stop you from giving something a shot. Shoot for the stars!

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